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Personal injury claims compensate injured parties for the damages and losses they incur because of another party’s negligence or wrongdoing. Because personal injury damages can be substantial, you’ll want to work with an experienced attorney with a winning track record and a reputation for fiercely representing their clients. 

Our Papago Vista personal injury lawyers at Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers have a 98% success record. Our legal team aggressively pursues the party or parties who caused your injury to obtain fair compensation for your damages. Our dedication, hard work, and considerable legal experience have resulted in millions of dollars recovered for our clients. 

We accept cases on a contingency at Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers. Therefore, you do not pay any upfront money to hire us after an accident in the Papago Vista neighborhood of Phoenix, AZ.

Call now at (602) 595-5559 for a free consultation with one of our Papago Vista personal injury lawyers. We are available 24/7 to discuss your personal injury case with you. 

How Our Papago Vista Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Fight for Damages

How Our Papago Vista Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Fight for Damages

If you’ve been injured in an accident or other incident in Phoenix, Arizona, you may be experiencing severe pain and emotional distress. You may struggle with bills and expenses associated with your injuries. Insurance companies have endless resources to fight personal injury claims, but you don’t have to fight this battle alone. 

At Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers, we stand up for our clients’ rights. We dedicate enormous time and resources to your case to level the field with insurance companies and large corporations. 

Our Arizona personal injury lawyers are fierce trial lawyers and skilled negotiators. Numerous national and local legal organizations have recognized our attorneys for their legal services. Our lawyers are recognized by Super Lawyers, the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

When you hire our top-rated personal injury attorneys in Papago Vista, you can trust us to:

  • Investigate the circumstances that led to your injuries, including identifying all parties who contributed to the cause of your injuries 
  • Gather evidence to prove the other parties are liable for your damages, including working with expert witnesses as necessary
  • File insurance claims and handle all matters with the insurance companies 
  • Work with you, your physicians, and experts to document the severity of your injuries and damages to determine how much your personal injury case is worth
  • Negotiate settlements that compensate you fairly for your damages
  • File a personal injury lawsuit and proceed to court, if the other parties refuse to agree to a reasonable settlement amount

At Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers, we are client-oriented. Your needs and best interests are the top priority for our legal team. We want to help you recover the compensation you deserve after a tragic accident or personal injury.

Contact our personal injury law firm today to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Papago Vista.

The History of the Papago Vista Neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ

Papago Vista is a neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. The area offers stunning views of the mountains while being close to downtown Phoenix and other areas in Maricopa County.

The area was home to the Hohokam people for approximately 1,500 years. They established irrigation canals to carry water from the Salt Lake River to their crops. By 1865, Western settlers arrived in the area to build homes, mills, stores, and communities. 

Papago Vista is conveniently located for golfing, biking, hiking, and other recreational activities. Residents of Papago Vista also enjoy fine dining options, excellent shopping, and exciting entertainment venues.

Points of interest near Papago Vista in Phoenix include:

Papago Vista is located about five miles from downtown Phoenix, just north of Sky Harbor International Airport. Residents can easily get around the area by car or using the METRO light rail and other public transportation options. 

How To Get To Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers From Papago Vista, Phoenix, AZ

Walking Directions

Public Transport Directions

Driving Directions

Directions to our law office from Papago Vista:

  • Take E. Taylor Street to N. 52nd Street
  • Turn right onto N. 52nd Street
  • Merge onto AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop W
  • Take Exit 1B toward 24th Street
  • Merge right at the fork onto N. 24th Street
  • Turn left onto E. Osborn Road
  • Turn left at N. 12th Place

Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers is on the left at 1221 E Osborn Rd UNIT 201, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas

Our Papago Vista personal injury attorneys at Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in numerous areas of personal injury law. We handle all types of cases to help injured parties and their families receive the compensation they deserve. Our primary practice areas include:

Car Accidents

Our Papago Vista car accident lawyers handle all types of car crashes, including head-on, rear-end, pedestrian, rollover, sideswipe, and DUI accidents. The physical and emotional pain caused by a car accident can be debilitating. The financial losses can cause severe financial strain.

Our Papago Vista car accident lawyers fight insurance companies for fair compensation. We protect your rights by tailoring our approach to the circumstances and facts of your case. 

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents lead to serious injuries and death. Our Papago Vista construction accident lawyers handle all types of claims, including injuries involving defective products, trenching accidents, falls, scaffolding accidents, and electrocutions. We help construction workers with workers’ compensation claims and third-party personal injury cases. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are often unfairly blamed for causing an accident. Insurance companies shift the blame to avoid paying damages. Our Papago Vista motorcycle accident lawyers understand these tactics and fight to get riders the money they deserve after a negligent driver causes a motorcycle crash. 

Slip & Fall Accidents 

Under Arizona premises liability laws, homeowners, businesses, property owners, government entities, landlords, management companies, and other parties could be liable for slip and fall accidents. Slips, trips, and falls can cause severe injuries. Our Papago Vista slip and fall accident lawyers help you hold property owners and other parties liable for failing to keep their premises safe. 

Truck Accidents

Trucking companies and their insurance providers aggressively fight truck accident claims, which can have damages that total millions of dollars. They have substantial resources to avoid paying fair compensation to accident victims. Our Papago Vista truck accident lawyers have the resources, skills, and experience required to handle these complex traffic accident claims.

Wrongful Death

When another party causes the death of someone, they can face criminal charges. They may also be legally liable for the damages the death causes the family members. Our Papago Vista wrongful death lawyers help family members recover compensation for damages from the party who caused their loved one’s death.

Damages Available in Papago Vista Personal Injury Cases

Injured victims often incur substantial financial losses because of an accident or personal injury. Arizona personal injury laws allow victims to recover economic damages such as:

  • Past and future lost wages
  • Nursing and/or personal care
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Assistance with household chores
  • Diminished earning capacity

Victims also experience pain and suffering because of an accident or injury. Therefore, the law provides for non-economic damages such as:

  • A decrease in quality of life
  • Impairments and disabilities
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

A few personal injury lawsuits result in punitive damages. These damages are meant to punish the at-fault party instead of compensating the victim for their damages. However, the victim receives the value of the punitive damages awarded by the jury nonetheless.

Our Papago Vista personal injury lawyers analyze your case to determine the maximum value of your damages. Then, we pursue all sources of compensation available for your claim to get you the best possible outcome for your personal injury claim. 

What Does It Cost To Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Maricopa County?

Our Papago Vista personal injury lawyers work on a contingency. We receive a percentage of the amount we recover for your personal injury case. 

Therefore, you do not pay any attorney’s fees upfront to hire a personal injury lawyer in Maricopa County. We are not paid for our legal services unless we win your case.

Statute of Limitations in Arizona Personal Injury Cases

The statute of limitations (time limit) for filing most personal injury lawsuits in Arizona is two years from the date of injury or death. A few exceptions exist depending on the parties involved in the lawsuit, the type of personal injury claim, and other factors. 

Because the time to file an Arizona personal injury case could be shorter than the general two-year rule, it is crucial to seek legal advice as soon as possible. If you miss the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit, the court can dismiss your case. 

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With a Papago Vista Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member suffered injuries in the Pagp Vista neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ, our legal team at Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers is here for you. We will protect your rights and provide the support and guidance you need following an injury or accident.

Call us today to request a free case review with an experienced Papago Vista personal injury attorney. We’ll evaluate your case, explain your legal options, and provide trusted counsel during your free initial consultation. 

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What Our Papago Vista Clients Are Saying About Us

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