Are Car Accident Reports Public Record in Albuquerque?

After certain traffic accidents, Albuquerque police or local law enforcement respond to the scene of the crash and make a report. The report contains specific crash characteristics so that the New Mexico Department of Transportation can keep a comprehensive list of car accidents and prepare annual reports demonstrating significant traffic trends.

These reports can include sensitive information, such as the names of those involved in the crash, where the accident took place, and whether any driver was under the influence. As a result, if you were involved in a car crash in the city, you may wonder, “Are police accident reports public record in Albuquerque?”

Reportable Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Mexico

Albuquerque car accident reports are considered to be public records and can be easily requested from the City of Albuquerque’s police department. However, not every accident in New Mexico must be reported to law enforcement. Those accidents which are not reported to Albuquerque police will not call for an accident report. 

New Mexico Statutes Annotated Section 66-7-206 requires that police be notified if an accident results in over $500 in property damage or in any person’s injury or death.

How To Obtain a Car Accident Report in Albuquerque

Once Albuquerque police have completed and uploaded their accident report, it can be obtained from the police department either online or by making an in-person request. Making an online request through the New Mexico crash portal can be the most convenient way of obtaining a copy of an accident report because a request can be made any time, day or night. 

Keep in mind that there are no free car accident reports online through the Albuquerque police department. You will need to pay a small fee per report in order to obtain a copy of the crash report you seek. 

And if you do elect to make an online request for an accident report, be prepared to provide as many details about the accident as possible so that the correct report can be located.

If you live in Albuquerque or do not have internet access to the New Mexico crash portal, you can also obtain a copy of an accident report by visiting the Albuquerque Law Enforcement Center and requesting a copy of a police accident report in person. 

Again, you will need to provide as much information as you can so that the police can locate the report you are seeking.

Why You May Need a Copy of Your Police Accident Report

If you have been injured in a car crash, whether it involved a motorcycle, a truck, a pedestrian, or a cyclist, you may have the right to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Your right to do so can depend on whether the other driver involved committed some negligent action behind the wheel that led to the crash’s occurrence.

Your Albuquerque auto accident attorney will likely want to review your crash report to understand the specific details and properly advise you of your rights. This report reveals the circumstances that police believe led to the crash and can serve as the foundation for a successful lawsuit. 

Obtaining Copies of Car Accident Reports in Albuquerque Is Simple

Albuquerque police reports are made available to the public. While it may leave you with privacy concerns, the benefit of this practice is that the process for requesting and obtaining a copy of your report is relatively simple and straightforward. This can save you and your attorney valuable time when you need a copy to explore your options going forward.

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