Distracted Driving Accidents in Albuquerque

Distracted drivers kill and injure thousands of people in New Mexico each year. According to traffic reports, a distracted-driving crash occurred every 29 minutes in 2021. If a distracted driver caused your car accident in Albuquerque, NM, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

At Curiel & Runion Personal Injury Lawyers, our Albuquerque car accident lawyers have more than 55 years of combined experience handling personal injury cases. Since opening our law firm, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Let us help you receive the compensation you deserve for a distracted driving accident. 

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How Curiel & Runion Can Help if You’ve Been Injured by a Distracted Driver in Albuquerque

How Curiel & Runion Can Help if You’ve Been Injured by a Distracted Driver in Albuquerque

Since 2011, our lawyers at Curiel & Runion Personal Injury Lawyers have been fighting to protect the rights of injured victims and their families. We diligently pursue accident claims to recover maximum compensation for damages. 

Our team of lawyers are top-rated personal injury lawyers. They have been recognized by leading national organizations, including Super Lawyers and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We have a 98% success rate for the cases we handle. 

When you hire our top-rated car accident attorneys, you can expect us to:

  • Complete an independent accident investigation to determine how the crash occurred
  • Identify who is responsible for causing the car accident
  • Gather evidence proving fault and liability
  • Work with leading expert witnesses to strengthen the evidence in your case as needed
  • Negotiate for fair insurance settlements and personal injury settlements
  • File a personal injury lawsuit and argue your case in court, if necessary

You cannot trust a distracted driver to admit fault for causing an accident. The insurance company cannot be trusted to offer a fair settlement amount for your case. You can count on our legal team to do everything within our power to get you the money you deserve for your case. 

Our lawyers work on a contingency fee. So, you will not pay any attorney’s fees unless we get compensation for your case. Call now for a free case evaluation from an experienced distracted driving accident lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What Is Distracted Driving and Why Is It Dangerous?

Distracted driving is any activity that takes your focus away from operating a motor vehicle. The distraction can be manual, visual, or cognitive. It only takes a second of inattention to cause a car accident. 

Examples of distractions that could lead to a tragic car accident include:

  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Adjusting vehicle controls
  • Reaching for an object
  • Texting while driving
  • Using any electronic device while driving
  • Taking care of children or pets
  • Interacting with passengers
  • Daydreaming
  • Grooming
  • Eating and drinking

Distractions that require you to look away from the road, take your hands off the steering wheel, and focus on another task are the most dangerous distractions. However, any distraction has the potential to cause a car crash.

What Compensation Could I Receive for a Distracted Driving Accident in Albuquerque?

New Mexico personal injury laws provide compensation for a victim’s economic damages. These damages include:

In addition to receiving reimbursement for monetary losses, you can also receive compensation for your non-economic damages. Pain and suffering damages include emotional distress, mental anguish, a decrease in quality of life, impairments, and physical pain.

The amount you receive for a distracted driving accident claim depends on the facts of your case. Generally, the value of a claim increases as the severity of injuries increases. 

However, allegations of contributory fault can reduce the amount you receive for a claim. The court can reduce your compensation for damages by your percentage of fault. Therefore, if you are 50% to blame for causing the car accident, you could lose one-half of the compensation for your damages. 

Talking with an Albuquerque distracted driving accident attorney immediately after a crash can help you avoid making mistakes that could hurt your case.

How Long Do I Have To File a Distracted Driving Accident Claim in Albuquerque, NM?

The New Mexico statute of limitations sets deadlines for filing claims. A court can dismiss your case if you do not file your claim before the deadline.

Most personal injury cases have a three-year statute of limitations in New Mexico. The deadline begins on the date of injury. 

However, exceptions could change the deadline. Talking with a lawyer as soon as possible is the best way to avoid missing a deadline to file a personal injury claim. 

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