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If someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing caused you harm in Scottsdale, Arizona, rest assured that you’re not alone. We understand that the physical discomfort, emotional strain, and financial consequences can be incredibly difficult to deal with. We can help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys will treat you with respect and compassion throughout the entire process, ensuring that you feel understood and that your legal rights are asserted at all times. If you need help after an injury in Scottsdale, Arizona, let us help. Contact our experienced attorneys at Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers today, to schedule a free consultation at (602) 595-5559.

How Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Scottsdale

How Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Scottsdale

As personal injury lawyers in Scottsdale, AZ, we have the opportunity to help injured victims navigate their way through legal complexities and challenges.

To date, we’ve secured more than $30 million in compensation for our clients. Here’s how we can help you after an accident in the area:

  • We will investigate all available facts pertaining to the accident or injury and assess if you have a legitimate basis for filing a personal injury claim. 
  • After gathering and reviewing evidence, we will begin negotiating with the defendant/their insurance company to try to resolve the case.
  • We will consult with expert witnesses who can provide valuable insights during settlement negotiations or trial proceedings.
  • If necessary, we won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit and take your case to court.

Contact Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers, to schedule a free consultation with a Scottsdale personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys have over 55 years of combined experience and are ready to get started today.

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How Common Are Personal Injury Accidents in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Personal injury accidents happen more often than you might think in Scottsdale, AZ. Here are some statistics to consider:

Workplace Injuries and Illnesses in Arizona (2021):

Dog Bites in the United States:

  • More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.
  • Over 800,000 individuals seek medical attention for dog bites.

Car Accidents in Arizona (2021):

  • There were 121,345 reported car accidents in Arizona.
  • Among these accidents, 1,063 resulted in fatalities.
  • Approximately 35,203 of these accidents caused injuries.

Car Accidents in Scottsdale (2021):

  • Scottsdale, Arizona, experienced 3,776 car crashes.
  • Out of these incidents, 14 resulted in fatalities.
  • Approximately 1,207 accidents caused injuries.
  • Property damage only occurred in 2,555 cases.

These statistics highlight the significant impact of personal injuries on individuals and communities. If you’ve recently sustained a personal injury in Scottsdale, reach out to our law offices to learn about your legal rights and options.

What Is My Scottsdale Personal Injury Case Worth?

Estimating the worth of your personal injury case requires a careful analysis of numerous factors, such as:

  • The severity of the injury: The seriousness of your injury largely determines the value of your case. If you have severe injuries, it means more medical bills, longer recovery time, and greater personal suffering.
  • Liability: If it’s clear that someone else caused the accident due to their negligence or reckless behavior, they are liable for damages. The clearer their fault is in causing the accident, according to the evidence provided, the higher your chances for receiving increased compensation amounts.
  • The defendant’s insurance coverage: The defendant’s policy limit regulates what can be claimed in a settlement. If the defendant has substantial coverage, you stand a better chance of collecting adequate compensation for your losses. If coverage is insufficient, a settlement offer may not fully match your actual losses, in which case you’d have to file a lawsuit to try to recover what you’re entitled to.

Many other factors could play a role in how much your case might be worth. Once we’ve spoken with you and have a better understanding of what happened, we can offer personalized insight. Call today for a free case review.

What Kind of Damages Are Available to Accident Victims in Scottsdale, AZ?

Accident victims in Scottsdale can pursue three kinds of damages:

  • Economic damages: Economic damages represent measurable losses caused by an injury, including current medical bills and lost earnings. These damages are relatively straightforward to determine, as they can be verified by documentation like receipts and employment records.
  • Non-economic damages: These damages seek to compensate for non-financial losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. Non-economic damages can present greater challenges when calculating damages as they relate to subjective experience.
  • Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are extra compensation that a defendant has to pay in a lawsuit, but they are only awarded in rare cases. They go beyond the actual losses that the victim has sustained and are meant to punish the at-fault party. In Arizona, punitive damages can be awarded where the court finds that the defendant acted with an “evil hand and evil mind.” 

Learn more about the types of damages you can recover in your case by contacting our experienced Scottsdale personal injury lawyers today.

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for a Personal Injury Accident in Arizona?

In many cases, the answer to this question is yes. In Arizona, pure comparative negligence governs personal injury claims. Under this rule, you can obtain damages after an accident even if it was partially your fault. Your percentage of responsibility will be determined, and your compensation will be reduced accordingly. 

We’ll Fight To Recover Compensation for All Of Your Injuries

There’s a wide variety of injuries that can happen as a result of an accident. Some of the most common include the following:

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

TBIs are severe head-related injuries damaging brain function and can result in memory loss, speech problems, and coordination issues, among other symptoms.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are another common type of injury seen in personal injury cases. They can happen as a result of direct trauma to the spinal cord, such as in

a car accident or a fall.  

Broken Bones

This happens when an accident causes bones to crack or break completely. Broken bones often involve intense pain and limited mobility, requiring surgery and physical therapy. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries refer to injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. These can include sprains, strains, and bruising, among others. 

Psychological Injuries

The mental and emotional aftermath of an accident is just as important to consider as the physical injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression are common psychological injuries.

What Causes Most Personal Injury Accidents in Scottsdale, Arizona?

Personal injury lawsuits arise when an individual has suffered harm due to the negligent or intentional actions of another. The most common causes of personal injuries include the following:

  • Car accidents: Car accident cases usually involve two vehicles that collide as a result of speeding, distracted driving, or another cause. If either driver was negligent – meaning their actions failed to meet the standard expected by law – then one can pursue financial compensation for damages resulting from the incident through a lawsuit or settlement agreement.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcycle accidents tend to result in more severe injuries due to an absence of protective barriers surrounding riders. Common types of injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents include brain injuries, scrapes, burns, and broken bones.
  • Slip and fall accidents: These incidents occur when an individual trips or falls as a result of a property owner or occupier’s negligence. For example, a wet floor in a supermarket, an icy sidewalk that wasn’t shoveled, or a fall that occurs on a stairway because of a broken handrail.
  • Medical malpractice: This occurs when healthcare professionals fail to adequately treat patients, thereby causing harm or death. This most commonly occurs as a result of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, surgical errors, or medication errors.
  • Dog bites: Dog bites are another common type of personal injury. While sometimes these injuries are minor, they can lead to serious infection and even broken bones if the bite is strong enough.

Contact our personal injury law firm today to learn about how we can help you hold the responsible party accountable for the harm they’ve caused you to suffer.

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Personal Injury Accident in Arizona?

To prove negligence liability after a personal injury accident in Scottsdale, Arizona, you must establish the four following legal elements:

  1. Duty of Care: Show that the other party had a duty to ensure your safety.
  2. Breach of Duty: Prove that they failed to adhere to this duty.
  3. Causation: You need evidence to show your accident was caused by their failure.
  4. Damages: You must show that you suffered losses as a result. You can do this by collecting documents for medical bills, lost wages, or any other damage proof.

With all these elements present, it’s likely that you would have a successful claim for compensation from that driver or their insurance company.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Personal Injury Accident in Arizona?

The statute of limitations in Arizona personal injury cases is usually two years. However, there are exceptions, so it’s important to always speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after an injury.

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Navigating a personal injury case can be stressful and overwhelming. While money can’t change what happened to you, it can help you in your journey to healing. Seeking professional advice is crucial to ensure you get what you truly deserve. 

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