How Many Hours Can a Truck Driver Drive in Arizona?

Commercial truck drivers spend long hours on the road. Fatigue and drowsiness can contribute to the cause of large truck accidents. Federal and state laws limit how many hours a truck driver can drive without breaks and rest periods to reduce the risk of fatigued truck driver accidents.

Federal Hours of Service Regulations for Commercial Truck Drivers

Federal trucking regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver can drive without breaks. The number of hours is limited according to whether the truck driver is transporting goods or passengers.

According to federal hours of service regulations, a driver carrying passengers is limited to a maximum of 10 driving hours after eight consecutive hours of being off duty. The driver may not drive after being on duty for 15 hours after an 8-hour consecutive period of being off duty. The off-duty time is not included in the 15-hour driving period.

Truck drivers carrying goods and property can drive a maximum of 11 hours after being off duty for 10 consecutive hours. They have a 14-hour driving limit after coming on duty after being off duty for 10 consecutive hours. Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour driving period.

All drivers are prohibited from driving a commercial vehicle after being on duty for 60/70 hours within 7/8 consecutive days. A driver carrying property may restart the 7/8 day time period after taking 34 or more hours off duty.

There are some exceptions for adverse weather and short hauls. Also, truck drivers transporting goods are required to take a 30-minute driving break when they have been driving for eight total hours without a 30-minute interruption.

Arizona follows the federal hours-of-service rules for truck drivers.

Truck Accidents Due to Truck Driver Fatigue in Arizona

Drowsiness and fatigue are common causes of truck accidents in the United States. When a truck driver is tired, their response time decreases. They may have decreased coordination, cognitive impairment, and impaired judgment. These factors increase the risk of truck accidents.

Even though federal trucking regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver can drive without breaks or rest, fatigue and drowsiness continue to be serious problems for truck drivers. Trucking companies push their drivers to make unrealistic deadlines, encouraging truck drivers to break the rules for driving hours. Independent truck drivers may ignore driving hours to take more jobs and make more money.

When a truck driver is drowsy or fatigued, they may cause an accident. Sadly, the passengers in other vehicles usually sustain the majority of injuries and deaths from large truck accidents. Common injuries caused by fatigued truck driver accidents include:

  • Crushed, fractured, and broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Amputations and loss of limbs
  • Severe burns
  • Crushing injuries

Seek immediate medical treatment after a truck accident in Phoenix, AZ. Prompt medical care improves your chances of making a full recovery. It also supports a personal injury claim for damages.

What Damages Can I Receive for a Fatigued Truck Accident in Arizona?

Truck accident victims can seek compensation for their economic damages (financial losses) and their non-economic damages (pain and suffering). The amount of money you receive for a truck accident claim depends on many factors, including your injuries and whether you are partially to blame for causing the accident.

Damages you may receive for a truck accident claim include:

Other damages may be available as well, based on the unique facts of the case.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer for Help After a Crash

Truck accident claims are complex personal injury cases. They often involve multiple parties, large trucking companies, and massive insurance providers. These parties have unlimited resources to investigate the crash and fight your claim.

You may want to consider hiring an experienced Phoenix truck accident lawyer to handle your case. An attorney has the resources to investigate the accident, gather evidence, and hire expert witnesses to assist with your case. Your lawyer also handles all matters related to the accident while you focus on your recovery.

If you were injured in an accident in Phoenix, AZ, and need legal help, contact our Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Curiel & Runion Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule a free case review today.

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