Arizona Motorcycle Permit Restrictions

Before you learn to walk, you must learn how to crawl. This principle underlies the reason for motorcycle permits, which allow young, would-be motorcyclists to learn how to safely use their bikes under controlled conditions. Requiring certain at-risk individuals to learn how to safely ride a motorcycle is a way for states like Arizona to reduce the thousands of motorcycle deaths each year.

If you or a family member need to obtain a motorcycle permit, understand that such a permit comes with riding restrictions. Failing to follow these restrictions can lead to a ticket and make becoming fully licensed more difficult.

Do You Need a Motorcycle Permit?

Not every rider needs to apply for a motorcycle permit in Arizona. Riders who are at least 15 and one-half years old can apply for an instructional permit. The instructional permit allows you to operate a motorcycle under certain conditions while you continue to learn how to ride safely.

To obtain a permit, you will need to pass a driver’s written test and a motorcycle operator’s written test. If you have already obtained your driver’s license or hold a driver’s permit, you do not need to retake the driver’s written test when applying for a motorcycle permit. In this situation, you would only take the motorcycle-specific written test.

Applicants for a motorcycle license who are 18 years of age or more do not need to apply for a motorcycle permit.

Obtaining Your License After Getting Your Permit

Once you obtain your motorcycle permit, it is good for seven months. If you do not obtain your motorcycle license or endorsement within that time, then you are able to apply for an extension of your permit. You are only eligible to get one extension within a 24-month period.

In order to get your motorcycle license or to add a motorcycle endorsement to your driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years old. You must also have held your permit for a period of six months and have completed at least 30 hours of supervised riding. 

Your permit must be valid and in good standing in order to apply for your motorcycle license or endorsement.

Motorcycle Permit Restrictions Explained

Arizona imposes the following restrictions on motorcycle riders who are operating under a permit. A permit holder can ride a motorcycle but cannot:

  • Carry passengers and operate the bike on freeways or interstates
  • Ride between sunset and sunrise
  • Operate the motorcycle when weather or lighting conditions prevent the rider from seeing at least 500 feet in front of them
  • Use their motorcycle without a licensed driver’s visual supervision

Those who violate these restrictions can be punished through a variety of sanctions. Your driving privileges can be suspended, or you may have the violation reported on your driving record. There could also be fines and other costs assessed against you that you would need to pay. 

Finally, adults who knowingly permit or encourage a permit holder to violate the restrictions of their permit could also face legal liability.

Motorcycle Permit Restrictions Exist To Promote Safety

Young riders may view these restrictions as cumbersome and unnecessary, but they exist to help give young riders the confidence they need to ride safely and avoid wrecking their bikes. 

Negligent behavior is common on roadways throughout the State of Arizona. Keeping young novice riders off freeways, requiring them to ride in good visibility conditions, and having their driving patterns observed by a licensed rider encourages them to develop good, safe habits.

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