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Know how long you have to report a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car accidents are unfortunate events that can affect any Arizona resident. Even if you are not injured in the aftermath, the law requires reporting the collision in certain situations.

When to report a car accident

Some motor vehicle accidents are mild fender benders that don’t have to be reported. However, those resulting in property damage greater than $1,000, injuries, death or traffic citations must be reported to the police. In that situation, it’s best to call 911 as soon as possible so that the police can make an accident report. Regardless of whether you were at fault, this allows you to obtain a copy of the report for your own records.

In some cases, you can file a car accident claim against the at-fault driver through their auto insurance coverage. Arizona is a fault state, so if you are injured or suffer vehicle damages in a collision, you can file against the other driver’s insurance. The other option is to file a lawsuit directly against that person.

Be aware of the statute of limitations for car accidents

If the damages involved in a car accident are extensive enough, it’s wise to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver. In that situation, you must file within the statute of limitations. In Arizona, that amount of time is two years from the date of the accident or the date that your injury became apparent. If you fail to file within that period of time, the court will not hear your case and you will not be able to recover the damages you deserve.

Most car accidents are traumatic experiences that can stay with you for a long time. Regardless of the damages you’ve suffered, you’re required to report most accidents as soon as you can.