Slip and Fall Accidents are Leading Cause of Brain Injuries


Slip and fall accidents are the number one cause of brain injuries in the United States. A person with traumatic brain injury can sustain millions of dollars in expenses related to his injury over the course of a lifetime.

Slip and Falls and TBI

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2006 and 2010, slip and fall accidents accounted for 40% of all brain injuries recorded in this country. Approximately 55% of brain injuries among children below the age of 14 were caused in falls while among adults above the age of 65, 81% of brain injuries were linked to falls. Contrary to popular belief, motor vehicle accidents were actually the third biggest cause of traumatic brain injury. These accounted for 14% of all traumatic brain injuries.

Seniors and Falls

Senior citizens have a high risk of suffering a brain injury in a slip and fall accident. In fact, for seniors, falls are the leading cause of death. The number of traumatic brain injuries linked directly to falls has increased proportionately to the increase in the senior population of this country.

Long-Term Consequences of Brain Injuries

A person who suffers a traumatic brain injury can continue to experience consequences not just during the days, weeks and months after the injury, but even years later. Traumatic brain injury can have long-term and severe consequences on cognitive thinking, judgment skills, and a person’s psychological and mental health. These injuries can affect a person’s ability to earn the same kind of income that he was earning before, and in cases of severe injury, the person may not be able to return to his former job or any job at all. Persons with a TBI may require surgeries in the future, or extensive medical treatment or rehabilitation to return to a normal life.

All of these treatments and therapies can be very expensive. A person with a traumatic brain injury may spend millions of dollars in medical and other expenses over his life time.

Who is Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident

Fall accidents can occur on a commercial property like a hotel, mall, shopping arcade, hotel, restaurant, public place, and public building. They can occur in someone’s home. In all these cases, the owner or manager of the property has the responsibility to maintain the property in a safe condition, and to minimize risks to visitors, patrons, guests, customers, or other people who may enter the property.

For instance, the owner of a commercial property must ensure that guardrails are sturdy, and steps are not broken. All common pathways or corridors must be illuminated with artificial lighting, if necessary. Any spills on the floor must be cleaned up immediately, and any debris on the floor must be cleared.

Failure to take these precautions could place the owner, manager, or supervisor of the property at liability. This person can be liable in a slip and fall injury claim.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in a fall, speak with a Phoenix slip and fall attorney at our office about your rights to legal compensation. The long-term consequences of a TBI must be factored into your claim. Failure to do so can mean, for instance, that you continue to incur medical expenses, and have no means of paying for these.

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