Product Defects


When you purchase a product, unless the product is inherently dangerous and contains prominently displayed warning labels, you should expect to be able to use it in good health, without concern that a defect in the product will harm you. When a defective product causes a serious injury, you’re entitled to bring a legal action against the party or parties responsible for the defect and will need the help of a Phoenix product liability lawyer.

Companies that manufacture, sell, or distribute products are legally liable for injuries and damages that occur to the consumer because of defects in design or manufacturing, or lack of appropriate instructions and warnings to the consumer. When you’ve been harmed by a defective product, other parties in addition to the manufacturer may be found liable for your injury, for example a wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer of one of the components, designer, or any party that contributed to the production, marketing, or distribution of the product.

Strict Liability Governs Product Liability

“Strict liability” in legal parlance means a manufacturer of a defective product is liable for damages caused by the defect even when there is no proof of the manufacturer’s negligence.

Your lawyer will need to prove several things to show strict liability:

  • The product contained an “unreasonably dangerous” defect.
  • You were injured in the course of normal use of the product because of the defect.
  • The product was not altered from its condition when you bought it.

You will need to demonstrate that you suffered actual damages as a result of the product’s defect by documenting your injuries and other losses.

Your injury lawyer will gather medical and employment records and proof of other out-of-pocket expenses, together with evidence of your non-economic damages, such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, mental anguish, and inconvenience.



At Curiel and Runion, our highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys are available to fight irresponsible manufacturers, designers, and distributors on your behalf and hold them accountable for their failure in their duty to provide safe products to their customers. We will take every necessary step to investigate your claim and will engage the services of respected experts to help prove your case.

You may be concerned about the cost of pursuing this kind of claim. Product liability cases are expensive to litigate, but at Curiel and Runion, we take these cases on a contingency fee basis. We will front all the expenses, and you will never have to pay any anything until your recovery check arrives in our office. If we don’t win money for you, you pay absolutely nothing.

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