Motorcycle Parking Laws in New Mexico

So you’re ready to hit the open road in New Mexico. Whether you long for the vast horizons, the natural wonders, or the offbeat, you’ll find plenty to enjoy on a motorcycle trip through The Land of Enchantment. Collecting souvenirs is part of the fun, but one thing you don’t want is a collection of parking tickets. 

It’s up to every rider to make sure they know the local laws pertaining to parking and riding motorcycles. Like many states, New Mexico has specific laws in place to prevent motorcycle accidents and protect public safety. 

Parking Legally in New Mexico

At some point, you have to park the bike and grab a cup of coffee or stop for a photo opp. Every town and city in the state has designated public parking spaces, including spaces reserved specifically for motorcycles. Make sure you orient yourself with the local landscape before leaving your vehicle. 

General parking prohibitions in New Mexico include:

  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Within 25 feet of a crosswalk
  • On a sidewalk
  • In an intersection
  • Within 30 feet of a stop sign, traffic control signal, or flashing beacon
  • Within 50 feet of a railroad crossing
  • On a bridge or an elevated section of highway
  • In a tunnel 
  • In a bicycle lane
  • In a fire lane
  • At any place where a “parking prohibited” sign is displayed

New Mexico law allows angled parking in designated areas and parking on the left-hand side of a one-way street if posted. Unless local signage indicates otherwise, every parked vehicle, including motorcycles, must have the right side of the wheels placed parallel to the curb and be within 18 inches of the curb. 

Be aware that local jurisdictions can place temporary “no parking” signs anywhere deemed necessary. Reverse angle parking, which some motorcyclists prefer, is available in some New Mexico areas.  

How To Pay a Parking Ticket in New Mexico

If you receive a parking citation in New Mexico, the method of payment available to you depends on the jurisdiction in which you were ticketed. A court appearance is not typically necessary for a parking ticket, but it could be required depending on your citation. 

The ticket will include all the information you need to make payment. You may be able to pay a parking fine online, by mail, in person, or over the phone. Failure to pay the ticket by the due date could result in further penalties, suspension of your driver’s license, or a warrant for your arrest. 

It’s easy to think of a parking ticket as a minor offense, but this type of violation can be serious. Illegal parking could cause a serious car accident or put a pedestrian in danger. Parking in a fire lane could force the delay of emergency vehicles and ultimately lead to an innocent person’s untimely death

Other New Mexico Motorcycle Laws

In addition to following parking laws, there are several other important New Mexico laws that help keep riders safe. To start, everyone 17 and under is required to wear a helmet that meets Department of Transportation requirements when riding a motorcycle. Riders must also wear protective eye gear if their motorcycle does not have a windshield. 

All motorcyclists must obtain a valid driver’s license. First-time riders may need proof of attendance to a motorcycle training program. Passengers are only allowed if the seat design accommodates a second rider. Lane splitting is illegal in New Mexico. 

Riding Safely in New Mexico

There are so many beautiful destinations to see in New Mexico; it’s no wonder so many motorcyclists include a New Mexico road trip on their list of “must-do” rides. Following all the laws, including parking laws, will help ensure your trip is as magical as the state’s landscape.

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