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What is a dooring accident, and how can it injury bicyclists?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

Many Arizona residents enjoy getting around on bicycles; it’s a great way to travel, lets you see the sights and gives you exercise. However, risks are associated with riding while sharing roads with larger vehicles. Dooring is one of the biggest; this is what it is and how it can injure cyclists.

Understanding dooring accidents

A dooring accident occurs when a person opens a car door directly in the path of a bicycle. Often, this leads to the bicyclist trying to veer out of the way but suffering an accident with another vehicle and personal injury. Sometimes, the cyclist is unable to get out of the way of the car door and goes crashing into it, flying off their bicycle. This kind of accident can result in catastrophic injuries or even death, depending on the situation.

Dooring accidents have increased in recent years due to more people riding bicycles. Unfortunately, even when there are designated bike lanes, drivers sometimes fail to take precautions to avoid accidents with cyclists or don’t see them.

Injuries stemming from dooring

When a cyclist gets into a dooring accident, they can be left with certain serious injuries. Broken bones are common; some may be compound fractures. Many bicyclists suffer from traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries after colliding with a car door. Internal bleeding can also happen; these injuries require immediate medical attention.

In less serious accidents, a person can suffer from cuts, scrapes and lacerations after a dooring accident. Riders can also sustain whiplash from the force they experience upon impact.

Dooring is a typical bicycle accident, leaving riders with lingering injuries. Sadly, some of these injuries can be permanent and disabling.