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Dangerous times to drive

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions can happen any day and at any time. However, there could be times when driving in Arizona is more dangerous than in others. Anyone hoping to reduce their chances of an accident might benefit from reviewing the higher-risk days and times and adjusting their driving schedules accordingly.

Dangerous drive times

People have their minds on many festive things during the holiday season, but the days between Christmas and New Year bring dangers. Intoxicated driving and distractions play a significant role. Those who assume the rest of the year is safe may need to be more informed. The summer comes with substantial risks that make avoiding accidents challenging.

Summer could bring many drivers on the road. Tourists travel to destinations on highways and streets without being familiar with the routes. Festive attitudes inside a vehicle might contribute to distractions, which may increase accident risks.

Driving on weekends comes with dangers throughout the year. In particular, driving at night on the weekend and during the early AM hours puts drivers on the road at a time with various night-related hazards. Nighttime brings limited visibility, which may worsen if the weather turns inclement.

Reckless activities

Alcohol factors into a significant number of fatal collisions each year. The weekends and holidays might bring more intoxicated drivers onto the road, but drunk driving remains a pervasive problem all year. Still, drivers should be on the alert for drunk drivers during times when the risk is higher.

Other troubling behaviors may lead to motor vehicle accidents, including distracted driving and speeding. Aggressive driving often puts drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists at risk since the reckless behavior might result in a serious collision. Victims would likely sue to recover their losses.

An insurance settlement might be the preferable approach for accident victims. Effective negotiations with insurance providers might result in an agreeable outcome.