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What to know about multi-car crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Multiple factors may be evaluated to determine who is at fault for causing an accident. However, the process of determining fault in a crash involving multiple vehicles may be challenging. In addition, in some cases, multiple parties will be deemed to be responsible for an Arizona accident, which can further complicate matters.

Everyone owes a duty of care to others

It’s important to understand that everyone has a duty of care to others. This means that you must take reasonable steps to avoid a crash regardless of how you feel about another person’s actions. For instance, even if you think that another driver stopped in bad faith, you don’t have permission to collide with that vehicle without attempting to stop or slow down. Furthermore, you don’t have permission to run a stop sign or a red light because you were trying to put distance between yourself and the vehicle behind you.

Subjective opinions mean little

In most motor vehicle accident cases, the parties with the strongest evidence to back their claims will obtain the best outcomes. Therefore, you should take time to take photos at the crash scene or obtain statements from those who saw the accident happen. Video footage may also help to clarify who started the chain reaction that led to a multiple-vehicle crash.

A motor vehicle accident may leave you with significant injuries as well as expensive medical and vehicle repair bills. Injuries sustained in a crash may also leave you unable to earn an income to support yourself or your family. However, it may be possible to obtain compensation to pay medical bills and recoup other costs by taking legal action against other motorists involved in the wreck. Legal action may also be taken against any other parties in certain instances.