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Poor truck maintenance can be fatal

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Truck Accidents

All motor vehicles could destroy whatever car they crash into if traveling at high speeds. However, some vehicles are potentially more dangerous than others due to their mass and weight. Tractor-trailers carrying thousands of pounds of mass could crush smaller vehicles, which is why drivers must take many steps to avoid accidents on Arizona roads. Poor maintenance might undermine even a safe driver’s goals.

Ignoring maintenance and safety

Trucking companies and independent truckers should stay on top of routine maintenance and service. An accident might prove unavoidable if a semi-truck’s brakes fail or its tires blow out. With a blowout, debris could hit someone, causing a fatality. Or, tire rubber landing on the road might cause another car to lose control and crash. Such situations might leave a truck driver and an employer facing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Other maintenance issues could affect the vehicle’s operation. If there’s an issue with the steering, a driver might be unable to control the truck effectively. A driver who can’t avoid a collision due to steering system failures might cause a catastrophic injury.

Steering becomes difficult because the necessary steering fluid levels are too low. A leak could cause such a problem. Actually, leaks may affect all the vital fluids inside a tractor-trailer. Checking fluid levels may avoid disastrous situations.

A maintenance schedule

Truck drivers and their employers might need to perform maintenance checks frequently. Tractor-trailers travel on the road for longer distances and durations than the average car. As a result, these vehicles might suffer more wear and tear, increasing the risks of motor vehicle accidents. Failing to perform maintenance checks could constitute negligence.

Not repairing a vehicle when an apparent problem exists might be highly negligent behavior. Driving a problem-plagued truck might prove reckless and cause harm.