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Reckless driving could cause harm

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

Drivers typically understand that traffic rules help improve safety on the road. However, some take to the roads with a reckless attitude that translates into unsafe driving practices. Passing a stopped school bus on the right – a school bus with lights flashing and a stop sign displayed – represents a hazardous risk taken by an Arizona driver. Yet, such behavior and similar reckless actions happen on the road with unfortunate consistency.

Reckless driving and its dangers

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle with a careless and wanton disregard for others may fit the description of a reckless driver. The negligent driver who weaves in and out of lanes to pass one car after the other may justify such actions because others are going too slow, but those cars aren’t going beyond the speed limit. Instead, an impatient driver picks up speed and makes several rapid lane changes without a turn signal. That behavior opens doors to receiving a ticket and boosting the chances of an accident.

Reckless driving could take various other forms, including drunk driving. Drunk driving frequently goes hand-in-hand with other moving violations. Anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be unable to keep a car in a lane or stop in time when needed, increasing the risks of a collision.

Legal ramifications for reckless drivers

A reckless driver may avoid motor vehicle accidents repeatedly, but luck could run out one day. Crashing into another vehicle due to a blatant moving violation might result in victims suffering catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Criminal charges may fall on the reckless driver’s shoulders, revealing the legal consequences recklessness brings.

A civil lawsuit would likely follow when a reckless driver hurts someone or causes property damage. Victims might find legal actions allow them to collect settlements for their losses.